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In the ever-growing world of internet, it is not easy to conceal your personal life from the eyes of people. And if you are a VIP, celebrity or a famous personality then social media and internet can even prove to be a bane for you rather than a boon. At times, celebrities have to face awkward situations when news hungry media simply creates headlines from their very personal details. All these things not just affect the personal lives of celebrities but also have an adverse impact on their reputation and career. At times, headlines, social media posts, and negative reviews turn out to be the ultimate nightmare for VIPs and celebrities.If you think user's opinions for your business doesn't matter then you are mistaken. Did you know? It takes 12 positive reviews to cover up 1 negative review. A single negative comment from a user can ruin your business image online. People tend to buy more from a company with positive online reviews.

What users think about your business is really important for your future buyers. That's why the concept of online reputation management has gained a lot of importance. Corporate Online Reputation is a way to gain full control of company's online reputation and manage it the way you want.

Pillars of Effective Brand Reputation Management

An effective brand reputation management compaign will include the following components.

Compelling Social Media Presence

Today, social media has become an integral part of successful marketing strategies. Most people reach to a website or a local business through social media. That's why Facebook Ads have become so important for every business. Social media is a powerful medium to reach out to potential customers, promote your business through engaging content which includes contests, blogs, testimonials and even get feedbacks from users.
A good marketing plan will include multiple social media platforms which can help you in creating a robust social media presence of your business.

  • Know your customers

    A good marketing strategy involves finding the right social media platform where you can easily target your audience. It is not necessary to showcase your presence on all platforms altogether, being visible constantly on a single one will fulfill the purpose.


Consistency in online directory listings

Consistent directory listings are as important as social media presence for your business. An inconsistent directory listing can ruin your business’s online presence. A customer looking for a product in his local area is unlikely to choose a business with inconsistent contact information. In fact, he is likely to choose a business which has easy-to-find and consistent information.
That's why it is important that your business should be listed in the top directories with accurate and updated information.

  • Correct Information

    Make sure your phone number, website, address, or any other information about your business is listed correctly in the online directories.

  • Find relevant directories

    Finding the most relevant directories for your business will help you get listed. Make sure you choose a mix of all platforms including mobile users,desktop users and in-car platforms. Having self-published listings on directories such as Google+ Local or Yelp gives you a better control over your online visibility.

Responding and Sharing Comments

Most businesses tend to ignore the comments from customers or users. Responding to positive comments by users make them feel important and responding to negative reviews helps in improving the impression. So, a business whether big or small should never ignore comments or reviews by a customer.
Positive reviews are a powerful marketing material and sharing them on social media can help you generate high-quality leads for your business. On the other hand, negative reviews give you a chance to change the public’s perception about your business or service. So, don't get afraid of negative comments from a user instead respond immediately to avoid damage to your reputation.

  • Amplify the Good news

    A good comment from a recent customer or any update is a good reason to highlight about your business.

  • Embrace the Bad News

    For all negative comments or reviews, a gentle reply with apology or explanation is good to cover up.
    The right use of social media, online directories, and reviews can transform the online reputation of a business. If you know the ways to make the right use of internet and implement right marketing strategies then you can easily control your online reputation.
    "PRO Online Reputation" offers online reputation management services which have been designed closely to meet the demands of the search world- social media, search results, and more.


We help our clients grow in the digital world and take full control over their digital reputation. We have worked with various businesses, startups, executives, and even large corporations to help them achieve a balanced online reputation. We are ready to help all our customers find the right solutions for maintaining their brand image across various digital channels.
We are a team of professional, sophisticated, and data-driven experts who work to convert tough jobs into simple tasks for our clients.

Internet reputation management services for your corporate image by "PRO Online Reputation"

Proactive reputation management strategy:

The easiest way to protect your online reputation is by not having the reputation problem. Our experts will work closely with your team to create a reputation management strategy in case something has unfortunately occurred or to avoid any bad consequences in future.

  • Implementation

    After the strategy and planning we can work to execute the same in an organized manner. We have a team of intelligent and experienced writers, designers, and developers to get the job done right.
    We also make use of online reputation monitoring and management tools for effective branding within your budget. We look forward to supporting you in improving your brand image online. Feel free to ask your queries by filling the contact form.

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